29 Knives Chris Olofson 5” Tanto + Reverse Tanto CF Balisong Set

Whenever I come across something really cool at Blade HQ, I make a point of showing it to you guys. One recent find of mine is this set of beauties:


This is the 29 Knives Chris Olofson 5″ Tanto + Reverse Tanto Balisong Set. At first glance, it might look like this picture shows a front and back view of the same knife, but it doesn’t! These are two balisong knives that have the exact same specs, except that one knife has a hollow ground tanto, and the other has a reverse tanto with hollow ground main and secondary edges. These are two really cool pieces to add to your collection.

Both balisongs total 11 inches in length, and both have a 5.25-inch, S30V blade. The handles are made of 303 stainless steel, and the black squares you see are carbon fiber inserts that have been cut to fit the block pattern designed handle.

29 Knives makes excellent custom balisongs that are made in the USA. Get your 29 Knives balisongs and all your balisongs at Blade HQ!

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