Bartender Bottle-Fly


We’ve highlighted some butterfly trainers on the Butterfly Knife blog before, but I wanted to highlight these Bartender “Bottle Fly” butterfly knives.

These types of knives are great because sometimes you want to practice your flipping skills, but you can’t legally carry a butterfly. Or, maybe you’re going somewhere it would be in bad taste to be flipping your butterfly around. When you’re faced with those situations, just bring one of these butterfly bottle openers with you. They really are great; they allow you refine those butterfly skills legally whilest also removing the chance of nicking your knuckles with a sharp blade.

These are pretty inexpensive and a lot of fun. Plus, you can go to the bar and open your drink with style. Talk about impressing your friends and the ladies, right?

Get your Bartender “Bottle-Fly” at Blade HQ and see how much fun you can have with a butterfly bottle opener!

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