Best Butterfly Knife for Under $250

There are a lot of butterfly knives out there. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how much to spend on a butterfly knife when there are so many options to consider. What price will get you the best quality? What price will leave you satisfied with your product not sulking at the drastic drop your … Continue reading

Rare Benchmade 49-03 Stainless Steel Butterfly Knife (Kriss)

We are pretty fond of Benchmade over at Blade HQ. I know I just barely published a post on the Benchmade 53, but I came across this while I was browsing on our website and had to share:    This is a Benchmade 49-03, and it is a very rare butterfly. It’s number 23 out … Continue reading

Benchmade 53 Bali-Song

Benchmade is well seasoned when it comes to butterfly knives; the company got its start making butterfly knives, hence the company’s butterfly logo. We’ve already touched on most of Benchmade’s butterfly knives that are still in production, but there’s still one we haven’t covered yet: the Benchmade 53 Bali-Song.   The 53 was designed by … Continue reading

Benchmade’s History with Butterfly Knives

Benchmade has a very secure place in the world of knives, and it’s not surprising; Benchmade knives are top-notch. I’ve been doing some reading up on Benchmade, and I found some interesting things that I should have known before. Here’s a little bit about Benchmade’s history in the knife industry. History Benchmade was initially founded … Continue reading

Custom Butterfly Knives

There are butterflies ranging from budget-friendly to high end, but how often have you looked at custom butterflies? Many custom butterflies out there truly are beautiful masterpieces. Here’s a look at some of the custom butterflies available at Blade HQ. (If you’re not interested in custom knives today, feel free to browse other butterfly knives … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Benchmade 62T & Benchmade 67

Hold on to your hats! Benchmade, known for their Benchmade 42 Butterfly knife, will be releasing two new balisongs sometime in the near future: the Benchmade 62T, a bold trainer for your Benchmade 62 butterfly knife; and the Benchmade 67. You can preorder these knives at today. The Benchmade 62T Bali-Song® Trainer will sport a red Cerakote® training blade made … Continue reading