The Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Bali Flipper

Today we are going to take an in depth look at the Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Bali. Is it a good flipper? Would I recommend it to a friend? Also, we will look at the overall quality of the balisong itself.

Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Bali Flipper Steel

Let’s look at some of the features that come with this balisong. This is an Eric Glesser design made right here in the USA. Mr. Glesser did a really good job at incorporating a lot of Spydercos famous qualities into this knife. The first thing that you might notice is the big round holes in the handles that Spyderco uses on their blades. The holes in the handles make it fun when flipping and ensures full rotations and momentum out of this knife.

Not only is the pocket clip able to switch handles, but the spring loaded latch can as well. With the latch being spring loaded, I wish that they would have placed a larger spring in it. I have came across a lot of horror stories of the latch spring breaking on people due to it being weak. However, it is very easy to switch from handle to handle (along with the pocket clip). The latch does not lock the handles in the open position.

Next, let’s look at the blade. The blade is made of VG-10 steel which is a very good Japanese steel. It also features a hollow-grind that is sharpened on just one side with a false edge on the other side. With the hollow grind that was put on this it makes the blade very well balanced, as if this knife couldn’t get any smoother!

Now let’s look at a few of the things that I would change with this knife. The first thing I would change is the weight. It weighs in at 6 oz. When it comes to expert flippers, they seem to like a lighter balisong for faster flipping. However, there are perks to the weight on this Butterfly Bali. Since it is a slow flipper, I find that it helps you perfect the flips that you are doing. You get to see exactly what the knife is doing and makes it really easy to predict where handles are going to be landing. Another thing that I would change is the spring for the latch. It just isn’t reliable enough for my liking. Though it does seem to hold up fairly well.

Another cool feature of this model of balisong is that you can get it in a “combo pack” which includes a trainer and a real blade.

Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Bali Flipper Black          Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Bali Flipper Red

This is a really cool feature of this knife. If you are a beginner or if you are advanced and need to learn new flips and tricks but don’t dare to use a sharpened knife quite yet, the combo pack comes with a trainer to help you build that confidence. When you feel like you can handle a real blade, switch out the trainer and put in the sharpened blade. 


If you are looking for a really smooth balisong, you can’t go wrong with the SpyderFly. I would suggest it, more specifically, if you are more advanced and are looking to perfect your style and learn new tricks. Since it is slow moving and rotates so smoothly, it will help you out a lot. I would recommend this knife to anyone.  It is a solid knife that is very fair for the price.  They are a lot harder to come by now-a-days, so if you find one and have any slight interest, buy it.


Overall Length: 9.75″
Blade Length: 4.125″
Blade Material: VG-10
Closed Length: 6″
Handle Length: 5.6″
Weight: 6 oz.
Lock Type: Spring Latch



The Spyderco SpyderFly Butterfly Bali Flipper — 4 Comments

  1. I love my Old Timer! I have always ciarred one,in fact the same style,Schradeae Old Timerae Gunstock Trapper Linerlock. But I must admit, I didn’t care for the fact they are now made in Chinaand made with SS blades instead of the old high carbon blades like the ones I grew up with. But, dollar for dollar, they are still a very good knife. I’m going through a buy American stage in my life. So I’m switching to a Case Mini Copperlock. I’m getting the one with the same type of handle material that my Old Timer has, Delrin. You just can’t beat Delrin for a synthetic knife handle material.Enough rambling! Thanks for your site. And don’t get me wrong. I still feel Old Timer is a good knife.

    • I have an expensive glass cunittg board and a cheap plastic one, guess which one I use? I used the glass cunittg board once and hated it. If you are looking at it from a cleanliness standpoint, things like meat and poultry are what a glass cunittg board are supposed to protect you from (because they clean up better), but glass is practically useless for cunittg meat unless you want to sharpen your knife after each use. Because meat can be tough to cut, you need a surface with some kind of give. With glass’ unforgiving surface, you really have to saw the crap out of it, dulling your knife (and I have to have a sharp knife). To me, it’s a lot easier to thouroughly clean a cheap cunittg board than to sharpen and get a good edge on a knife.And for all the germophobes, I’ve never gotten sick from using a cheap cunittg board. If there were any serious health risk, the FDA or whoever regulates such things, wouldn’t allow it on the market.

  2. It depends on where you live. Usually it’s the legtnh of the blade. You could ask the local police or sheriff department. Also you will probably need concealed weapon permit.One last thing, don’t carry a knife or any other weapon until you learn how to use it. Using a knife in a fight is not like on TV. The same goes for a firearm.Good luck.

    • This is actually very uceanlr. It is illegal to carry any fixed-blade knife concealed on your person. The question whether a knife carried in a backpack is concealed on the person has been the subject of some debate in the legal defense community, and the law that is out there, concerning concealed firearms, is not good. A firearm has been found to be concealed on the person if carried in a purse or brief case, and a backpack is not that different. Some defense attorneys think it is different enough to be lawful, but their view will not prevent your arrest.It is, however, lawful to carry a fixed-blade knife in a belt sheath, so long as the sheath is fully visible. Until the law is clarified, that would be my recommendation. (It is also lawful to have the knife in the trunk.)This is based upon state law, there may be some local ordinances on the subject, which may or may not be enforceable.

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